Tuesday, November 02, 2010

To Remember When I Have a Car

I need to remember when I own a car. I share this with you so you will always remind me of how to share the car I will have someday. Or even better, remember how to share the things I have now.

-Mooney and Robbie drove me everywhere this summer. The drive back from Bald Eagle Lake where we danced as we drove with the windows down.

-Fiona driving me to church every week last year. Sarah driving me to church now and to pick up milk for me when I forgot that I was about to run out.

-Hannah driving me to the meeting place for the India trip. Mr. Cox driving us to JFK and it taking eight hours.

-Jesse driving me home in July. Kent driving me back to State College two days later for work.

-Kate Sauder driving me to buy groceries.

-Jillian and Jon driving us all to buy wine the entire summer. Jillian letting me put my bike in her van at the end of everyday to drive home.

-An old woman today from my neighborhood who was walking her dog and saw that I was sitting on a stone wall crying because it hurt to walk on my foot. She asked where I was going. "White building." "Well that's clear on the other side of the world! You'll never make it like that. I'm going to drive you." And she did.

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