Thursday, December 09, 2010

Big Apple

Amanda Wise (philosopher and poet and dance friend) told me this weekend about her "life list". She keeps a list of things she would like to do in life. Not normal things. She once added "sail a tall ship". She was then part of a crew. She also adds things "retro-actively", an act of gratitude for the moments in life she couldn't have planned but would have wanted if she could.

Consider this my retro-active Big Apple Dance competition List.

-Saying my feet were sore on the way to the performance Saturday night. Zak Al Balushi picking me up and carrying me for a few yards. There was something rather appropriate about being carried through the streets of New York.

-Cherry coming up to me on Sunday placing one hand on cheek. Squinting. "This is you with make up?" she said.

-Making sphagetti. Seidle and I breaking into a chacha in the middle of it. Becoming the "Ballroom Mom".

-Two stepping with Zak across the hostel dinning room.

-Alan falling asleep in the locker in the boy's room.

-The cheering that broke out from the Penn State corner when James and I did a traveling step that Sam (love her!) taught us.

-Walking arm and arm through Central Park with five lovely friends and being silly at the castle.

-Talking philosophy, word games, theology, and poetry the entire way to New York with Alan, Amanda, and Sarah.

-Frying with water.

-Jolene shaking my wrist in a game of "ghosts" to get me to say the correct letter.... that would make me loose.

-Thinking I was abandoned in the New York Starbucks. But I wasn't.

-"Ballroom drama" in central park. So many people were heart broken after all of that.

-Trying to v waltz over an arched bridge.

-Catching up with Cecilia on the drive home.

-Running to the front of the wrong line and almost making it onto the floor to compete in the wrong level of latin. That was a classy moment for me and James.

-Watching the show case performance Saturday night.
The waltz was my favorite. I get chills each time I watch the video.

-Walking through the tiny grocery store on Broadway. It was Wegmans. Even better than Webmans. Just completely compressed as if the shelves were bending over to get more space to breathe. Things kept falling off the shelves and onto my head.

-The semi finals for quickstep. Something happened to James and he went crazy and we spun the entire way through. It was brilliant.

-Hearing Mel and Seidle teach Christie the use of "Navtastic".

-Loving my classmates, loving music, loving dancing. I want this to happen again soon.

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