Sunday, January 09, 2011

Desire for Music

I have declared a resolution. Or resolved a resolution. What verb does one do in making (ooo... maybe that is the word I want) a resolution?

The resolution is this:

I need a musical education.

As such, I am taking suggestions on music I Need To Know. Based on composer, song, album, time period, region, quirkiness, etc. Provide now or at any other point in 2011.

 I am also attempting to learn a new way of listening to music. Not only background noise. Not only filler for time. But something worth being attentive to.

While sitting at the Eagleson kitchen table, a place where good ideas must inevitably occur and be shared, we discussed the benefits of doing and learning things that we are bad at understanding and doing. Not only is it good to plan "fun" things to do, but it is also important to learn a wide range of things that I will never be very good at. Hannah Eagleson mentioned ballet was her project for a semester. Someone mentioned knitting. "It's really grounding. Keeps you out of your head and in the world and reminds you that you are totally limited."

Despite the fact that I spent many years at the piano bench,  I never invested much in learning how to appreciate music. I don't listen for variety and pleasure. In fact, I think I may be a rather bad listener. I haven't touched the piano in a while.

Listening to music may be just the thing. And playing the piano that will soon be in our living room!

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