Monday, January 03, 2011

Maggie's First Day of School

In honor of Maggie's first day of student teaching, I post a list of descriptions we wrote together about an October night sky. I did this once with Dominique at Beach Project about the moon and the ocean. Sometimes writing with another person is just better.

The back of a turtle shell under water.

A dappled horse.

A field of cotton.

A spilled bag of cotton balls.

Herd of moving buffulo.

Blood cells under microscope.

Rain falling in slow motion.

Mud and water on the top of a swamp.

Wind moving across the surface of water.

Skin on a moving snake.

The feel of a bean bag.

Uncooked rice, falling.

Snow- wind blown, melted, and blown again.

Crocheted baby blanket.

Lethargic sheep.

The exodus from Egypt.

How would you describe a sky?

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