Tuesday, February 01, 2011

How To Write an (Creative Writing) Thesis

 Simple: Date it.
  1. Begin far in advance. You will never, ever have enough time though. So perhaps it isn't worth it. This is the awareness stage.
  2. Begin with a question. Don't worry too much about this question because you will change your question many times. This the awkward DTR progression.
  3. Take trips. Ask questions. Become very confused.
  4.  Meet with your adviser. Discover how bad you are with words. Discover how bad you are at asking yourself questions.
  5. Meet with your adviser again. Be very confused.
  6. Have a break through. That is later questioned very thoroughly by your adviser.
  7. Feel discouraged.
  8. Feel encouraged.
  9. Write pages you will later throw away.
  10. As the semester in which you write your thesis draws near, begin pursuing your thesis with dedication and persevereance. She will elude you. But keep going. It's a lot like pursuing Wisdom. 
  11. By the time the semester is at hand, enter a committed relationship with your thesis. Make it facebook official if you have to.
  12. Make your thesis angry with you for neglect.
  13. Panic. Then ask its forgiveness. Try over.
  14.  Consistently struggle to give Thesis the attention they demand from you.
  15. Realize you are asking all the wrong questions, have trite and recycled language, and confuse more than illuminate any of the things you once instinctively knew were connected.
  16. Be convinced that you never had true instincts.
  17. Reconsider your major and whether graduating with honors is worth it.
  18. Question your thesis's thesis. Consider starting over with six weeks to go.
  19. Then, Lord willing, turn it in on time.
  20. Remain confused.
  21. Thank your adviser for never killing you for never understanding her questions and for all the times she made you use better words and write till it hurt.
  22. Remember and believe it was worth it.

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Brittany said...

you forgot, even after its finished it will never ever be exactly the way you want it.
This is a lifelong relationship you are begining :)