Monday, February 21, 2011

Jubilee 2011

I'm sure there will be more talk on this later, but I wanted to share some first responses to the weekend.

  • I finally learned how to "do" conferences: make a game plan, rest often, take it one person/one conversation at a time. Never try to be somewhere you aren't.
  • Music of Joy and Peace Ike Saturday night while talking with OCBP 09 dears: Lindsey Smyth, Ruthann Rutherford, and Risa Nakajima (roomie!).
  • Sharing the event, even by distant moments of connecting, with my Navigator family. It meant a lot to finally show many of them for the first time the role of CCO in my life!
  • Jen Davidson and her wisdom; lemon ginger tea, orange/cranberry biscotti.
  • Liturgically structured worship.
  • Andi Ashworth's talk on the art of hospitality. It was great to be in her presence after following her essays at Comment Mag and the Art House America blog for a while now!
  • Exploring options for the future.
  • Playing with "Soularium", a Cru dialogue starter in picures that Leighann Dull shared with me.
  • The most Gospel repetitive Jubilee I've seen yet. Eric Mason's talk was particularly needed!
I love these weekends. This was my fourth, each marking a different place in my undergraduate journey. More specific thoughts on these moments will come soon.

Another installment of "Not Supposed to Say" is coming this week.

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