Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Are You Aware?"

There has been a growing number of signs and chalked up sidewalks on campus with this phrase. I don't know what it means. I don't know quite what they want me to be aware of. But I like it. It reminds me of conversations from Environmental Science in the fall of 2008 and walking through the woods with my class and being told the names of trees. Of taking my floor out to the Hub lawn and watching the stars for a few hours in early fall.

Walking around campus has turned into a scavenger hunt for more of these phrases and words. They are everywhere. On bulletin boards. Written on the roads. And I like having to look for them.

I am sitting in Atherton lobby, supposed to be writing my thesis before ballroom class starts. I just overheard a conversation between two students, one who is "in the know" about the words. He said that there is a specific goal, even that they want to students to be aware of on an international level. But they want to make the point first: are you aware of the world you're in? They will reveal the subject in a few days.

I'm interested and waiting.

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