Friday, March 25, 2011


Soon, thesis will be done. Graduation will then be right around the corner.

Graduation means it is time to start my literary education. Yes, that's right. I am graduating with a degree in English and I'm about to start my literary education.

(Perhaps continue would be a better word.)

The only way to describe it is this: four years is just enough to teach me that there wasn't enough time to learn all the things I needed to learn about literature. And after graduation, I will have this amorphous thing called "time". And I want to prepare for it.

So I'm starting a list. A post graduation reading list. A gift to myself as it were. And I want your recommendations. While I may have spent four years reading and then writing about what I read, I didn't read nearly half of what I feel I need to say I "know" anything of what should be read pre-death.

For example, my to-read list currently includes:

Crime and Punishment
Ulysses (Or anything by Joyce for that matter)
The Sound and the Fury
More Annie Dillard
Yeats. As much as I can get my hands on.
Biography of Bonhoeffer

Suggest away!

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dolce vita said...

I have a ton of duplicates (gave most of them to Ali), but let me see what I can give you! I love giving books to loving homes!