Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jacksonville: Navs Spring Break "Uno Uno"

Stomach virus currently wrecking my body aside, Spring Break was lovely. I slept in a gym with 140 college students who were miraculously quiet in their sleep. The roof was far away, sight of the nearest sleeping neighbor impossible, the only sound the fans that kept the air flowing. I couldn't decide whether it creeped me out or comforted me. Other than the second night (where I kept waking myself up to write down observations about sleeping in said 140 person gym), I fell asleep easily, heavily.

In the course of writing the paragraph above, I also finally extricated a plywood splinter from the palm of my hand. How it got lodged in my hand baffles me since I spent more time baking brownies than helping the guys assemble the new columns outside of Andrae's house. This week seems to be haunting my body in unpleasant ways. That, and I don't think I can eat fried chicken or Mexican again any time soon. Too close an association to various individuals throwing up in cars and my own painfully angry stomach.

But what did I do? Perhaps a better way to answer that is why PSU Navigators went in the first place. It's a tradition for our group to do service projects south on spring break. Yes, we are selfish and seek out need where sun is easily available. But this year the work was at least enough to keep us all busy for most of every day. Me? I volunteered for the shared job of babysitting Second Mile Ministry director's kids. Ages 2 and 14 months. Adorable.

Cici, Diana, Benjamin

Note the picture. Nap time for all four of us was about to happen. Well maybe not Benjamin. He only ran out of energy twice during the week. We ran out daily.

Two other highlights included seeing Uncle Paul and Aunt Stacy who were in Jacksonville living on their boat, the SeaSea, for a few weeks. Also, spending time with the senior girls and moaning every few hours about how we are graduating and its the worst experience of our lives and how none of us know what we're doing next year.

Oh, and being on spring break with Hannah. She's pretty cool, even if she doesn't sleep half as much as she needs to.

I recommend learning more about Second Mile in Jacksonville. I admire Andrae and his wife Luna so much for their whole life commitment to seeing justice happen! And to the other staff (Ruth, Mark, and interns), I was amazed at their joy and energy in being with 140 Penn State students all week, making sure we never ran out of Welches fruit snacks for long. http://www.2ndmile-jax.com/

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