Monday, April 18, 2011

Poetry Month

Last year, I had the pleasure of making a bulletin board (that kept falling down) in Simmons Lobby in honor of Poetry Month.

I consistently forget no matter what tactics I take, that April is Poetry Month.

But when I remember, I always take the opportunity to force poetry down people's throats. I'd like to imagine this blog is one way of forcing poetry down throats. I'd like to imagine the reader has no choice but to read what I write when they come to the page.

This is clearly false. I have an active imagination.


stephen said...

Dream Catcher is a lovely piece, well done.

Chelsea said...

That's so cool that you're sharing wondrous words with the next generation of Simmons residents. I wish I could linger in the halls and read it. Also, congrats on finishing your thesis!

So my friend Suzanne is doing a Poetry Scavenger Hunt all this month - it's pretty awesome. Have you heard about it? She writes a poem a day that fits certain criteria, like "a haiku using the word 'dinosaur'". You can visit at