Friday, April 08, 2011

Thesis Status: Complete

This morning I used the EE computer lab and Eric Seidle's unlimited printing to print out my 96 pages. Took them to the HUB, had them bound, and took a copy to Burrowes by 9am.

And now, at least for a time, I am done with my undergrad thesis. It still must be signed by three faculty members and then I can declare the whole ordeal officially done with. But the writing, the printing, is done. I have a hard copy sitting on my bedroom floor.

So I am spending today celebrating what I know I am going to miss. I went back to bed and stayed there for three hours. I took a long shower. I read lots of essays by Joan Didion. Egg sandwich with feta cheese for lunch. Baking cookies. Watching Return of the King and quoting it out loud. Making plans for the weekend. I like celebrations.

It could also be a time to thank the people who helped my thesis. I didn't include an acknowledgment page because I wasn't quite sure how to thank people for the small and large ways they influenced and helped me get to this. Perhaps this is dramatic seeing as how the thesis isn't like a published manuscript at all. But it was/is very significant to me. So here are some shout outs:

Eric Seidle for free printing. Jaimy Joy for showing me how to make a table of contents. Ryan Smith for helping me with the page numbers. Janet Lyon (honors adviser) for an abundance of information that I still probably screwed up in my final drafts. Dan Conway for the thesis template. Dan Conway for the wine selection at the thesis party. All attendees at the thesis party. All thesis complainers on facebook giving me hope. Erica Reitz and Fiona for reading my initial essay. Elizabeth Kadetsky for her revisions and the many essays in the work that started in her courses. The ballroom dance community at Penn State. Mae Sevick for reading lots of sub-par poems by me. The Festival of Faith and Writing. Encounter 10. Christy Tennant. Courtney, Stephen, and Cameron from Winthrop, SC for their welcome at Encounter. Alyssa Wilkinson for her Word help over twitter. My cousin Brittany for writing about these things at PBU before me. The many who loaned me books to read (Tom Houston, Alex Wattlington, Julia Kasdorf, and many others). "Girl Meets God" by Lauren Winner, "The Mind of Indirection" by Jane Hirschfield, and Scott Cairn's poetry as primary inspirations. Megan Dutill for feeding me peanut butter and jelly when I was hungry.

And, finally, Julia Kasdorf, for acting as my adviser and, as I would like to call her, my thesis "amma": constant question asker, challenger, encouragement, and good book provider (I had at least ten books from her library at any one time).


Brittany said...

Congrats Dana! That's quite an accomplishment, and does leave one feeling both excited and proud,and as if there's a nagging feeling that you wish it wasn't done. When do the online copies become available? I would LOVE to read it!
ps...thanks for the shoutout :P

Heather Thompson said...

I think completing your undergrad thesis is certainly a thing to celebrate about. How long did you work with it, anyway? Well, I bet it would be easier than writing your graduate thesis, if ever you would be going to graduate school. Anyway, cheers for now that your undergrad thesis was completed!