Thursday, June 02, 2011

Blogging about Reading about Reading (and writing)

Just wanted to share some fabulous links with you about reading. If there is anything I enjoy more than writing, it is writing about writing. If there is anything I enjoy more than reading, it is reading about reading.

And if there is something summer was made for, it is reading.

 Does reading make you a better person?

Byron Borger (of the ineffably superior Hearts and Minds bookstore) reviews a book about reading (writing about writing about reading) and gives some of his thoughts on the matter:

J. Mark Bertrand (of WVA faculty fame. Or at least, that is how he is famous to me) was republished in Comment with his thoughts on summer reading. The paragraphs about "beach readers" was particularly brilliant and was read aloud to my coworker, Dave.

On the pleasures of bookstores (writing about selling the art of a way):

And because this is delightful in its absurdity (and the world needs delight):
[see her original post as well once you are at the blog]

And if these did not satiate your curiosity and pleasure in reading about reading/writing, then check out Francine Prose's "Reading Like A Writer," undoubtedly my favorite text from this genre.

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