Thursday, July 14, 2011

Arts Fest: Day 1

The event began for me last evening:

Homemade milkshake; tango lessons (how to get into promenade 13 different ways); making weekend dance plans; cool evening; Wings Over with Hannah (oh the wonders of delivery!); salsa night with a lot of people which is always best (shout out to Tyler for getting the rust out of his salsa and staying for the Shakira world cup song); walking home by myself; jumping in the water buckets on Allen st. at 1:20am; a full moon.

The weather is glorious, cool and bright. I couldn't ask for better wandering weather which is exactly what I shall do on my lunch break through stands and stands of crafted beauty. I love this event already.

End of Thursday report:

Lovely day. Delightful lunch break wandering the booths with Sara Rhodes and Robbie Fraleigh. Seeing a few more things on a walk home. Long chat with Christy Tennant on gmail about next year (she's amazing). Headache induced nap that went longer than I intended. Wandering the perfect weather and glorious sunset with housemate Ashley and sister Hannah. Wine expedition at J House with cookie dough. Pizza with Mooney and Foxy. Sitting on a curb outside of a movie theater before the start of Harry Potter just so we could feel part of the anticipation (none of us had tickets). Lots of silliness. The comfort of the perfect weather.

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