Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kidney Stone Chronicles

While biking to work today, this film conversation came to mind:

Lazar Wolf: How is your brother-in-law? In America?
Tevye: Oh, he's doing very well.
Lazar Wolf: Oh, he wrote you?
Tevye: No, not lately.
Lazar Wolf: Then how do you know?
Tevye: If he was doing badly, he would write.

 This is my justification for not chronicling the rest of State College Arts Fest. I was fine. And then my kidney discovered a kidney stone right as James Meek began the service reading of Psalm 103, " He heals all your diseases./ He redeems your life from the pit/ and crowns you with love and compassion." I then embarked on 5 hrs of the most intense pain I have ever known. It was, thankfully, short lived, though it felt anything but short.

So because I'm not not "fine", it's time to provide you with a blog post.

 Best thing about all of this: it happened at church. If I was alone when the pain came on, I don't know what I would have done.

I learned and am continuing to learn, a lot from this process. One was that both pain and morphine and oxycodone make me a little loopy. Or slow. Or weird. Something like that. During the pain loopiness, I muttered to Kate Sauder as she drove towards the ER that I had been constructing a list of reasons why I love the local church and she had just single handedly moved to the top of the list. I then retracted my statement and said that perhaps she could take second place after communion. I was clearly out of it, but Kate knew that. I had, after all, just tried to climb into someone else's car in the parking lot.

But, all in all, the news is good: pain does not necessarily mean life threatening. I'm up and about. Working with good ol' Hemingway again. Heading to Hershey for a week on Thursday. Waiting for the kidney stone to pass. I'm thinking about naming it. Any suggestions?


Annie said...

Did it get a name?

Dana Ray said...

No, no official name. I never actually saw it either. Perhaps I could call it something exceptionally ambiguous and strange. :-)