Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Four is Company

I've had several posts in the works (several once again inspired by Anjali). Instead, I feel compelled to update you on my status: tired, caffeine deprived, waiting in the Philly airport for a flight to Dallas, TX. I'm heading there with my two staff leaders Steve Lutz and Erica Reitz AND Stac Sublett (pastor for Midtown Gathering at Calvary). It's a thing called "Leadership Network" for two days of brainstorming and planning with 30 other college ministers. Should be cool.

I'm enjoying travelling in a group. Having done the whole Fly Alone thing, I find the pleasure of having someone to watch my bag while I get breakfast and chat with as we go. It's been highly entertaining as well. What do campus ministers talk about when travelling in a group? Apparently, the primary conversation starter is "What would you do if the world as we knew it came to an end?" (ala Cormac McCarthy, Stephen King). Hysterical. Oh and who would act as us if someone made a movie about our staff team.

Really nothing else interesting to add. It's an airport. Lots of good dancing space and no one to dance with. Oh, and I had soup for breakfast. Sweet and spicy pumpkin soup with a baguette. Excellent. I don't know why I've never had soup for breakfast before!

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