Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Missed Words

I came into "Christmas Break" armed with books. I also came into the Christmas Break, ie the most distractible time of the year. But last week on a retreat day, I found a list in the journal belonging to early 2011, a list of books I would read in order to complete a proper education; books I had missed in undergrad.

There were even a few blog posts about it here. I included things like "Lolita" and "Ulysses" and anything by Faulkner and...

Until two weeks ago when I made a last second decision to pick up "Lolita" from the library, I had read none of them. [Slight exaggeration. I did read "Notes from the Underground"]

If you haven't noticed, there is a list on the right hand side of this page where I'm supposed to keep you updated on what I've been reading. I don't think its changed in a while.

So this Christmas, I'm starting to make the small journey towards the literature no one made me touch in college. I have "The Basic Writings of Existentialism"[owned for years] and "Lolita" [talked about for years]. Neither are very "Christmas Spirit"-y but my annual re-read of "A Christmas Carol" could perhaps make up for that.

PS. Would anyone in the State College region be interested in participating in the IAM Readers Guild with me this year?

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