Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Ghost and Indian Food: Two Roommate Stories

Tonight, after the drive home from ballroom, I felt my usual Tuesday urge to make something. The time to make dinner just isn't there most days other than Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Tuesdays, I'm happy because of standard. Thursdays, because it's latin day and I'm frustrated.

But today was a good day.

Then my old roommate, Sarah, came by. I knew I wanted Indian food for a reason! She went with me to India two summers ago and then was my roommate the following year. We talked over our curried potatoes about that year we spent as roommates and memories from our three weeks in India.

We both laugh now at this very real truth: we are much better as friends than as roommates.

We weren't really good at taking care of each other. I seriously can't think of two people who are more unlike each other than we were. It was hard. I was the emotional, liberal arts, out of the box, messy person. She was less verbal, task focused, orderly, and overworked. We clashed. A lot. But we were both stubborn enough to keep trying to be friends and now, we are still able to be.

I don't deserve that.


I'm grateful for the people who have put up with me as a roommate, from my sister Hannah growing up to Mel and Kaitlin in Whim Cotty. Living alone is not something I want to happen. I learn too much by having other people running around in my life. Keeps perspective.

Mel and Kaitlin are a unique combination. Their greatest gift to me is their laughter. I can be as silly as I want and they will laugh and join in and let me laugh at them too. This morning, I went on a cleaning up rampage. During this process, I discovered that my bottom sheet had a shredded hole in it. Clearly, the sheet had seen the end of its days. So while Mel and Kaitlin were brushing their teeth and such, I around the house with a sheet over my head making spooky noises. When I burst into the bathroom, Kaitlin laughed and said, "I think you're a little early for Halloween!" I then went around quoting Charlie Brown's "The Great Pumpkin". Kaitlin quoted with me.

Then while searching for a sheet replacement, I found the inside lining of my winter coat. This inside lining has been missing since the move to Whim Cotty last August. I survived this (albeit, mild) winter by layering sweaters under my outer shell. Then I found an entire introduction to the book of Galatians stuck between my box spring and the mattress. How it got there, I don't know. Melanie pointed out that people have been hiding valuables under their mattresses for centuries, and that I was just catching up with the times.

Roommates are just better to have than to not have.

I don't deserve them.

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