Monday, March 19, 2012

MIT Dance Competition 2012

It was a semi-spontaneous decision. "Semi" because I had wanted to go since I left the MIT dance competition last year. "Spontaneous" because I had accepted the fact that I wasn't going, that there wasn't a lead, etc. So when a week ago today Kyle suddenly didn't have a partner and wanted to go, I jumped at the opportunity.

The spontenaity made me a bit anxious. It wasn't going to work like any other competition I had been to in that the team wasn't all going together and staying in the same place. We weren't taking PSU vans. It wasn't even an official team event.

But we were going.

So Friday, I was the fifth person in a five person car and drove through the afternoon and early night to Boston!

It was quite the weekend. And I loved it.

Some highlights:

-Car conversations. The "group therapy" chat in the car just about the time we hit Wilkes-Barre on the way up. A long talk about religion as the night wore one. Sam Lorey's jokes. Stories from traveling abroad. The role of dance in our lives. Good stuff. Good people.

-My own cookies. No, I'm not very modest about how good they are. But I love sharing them! Bringing and sharing food is something I've really come to appreciate about dance competitions. If anyone has requests for the future, let me know.

-Cheering. I really enjoyed cheering a lot this competition. I got to watch and it was amazing to see how far some of the younger Adv1 and 2 students have come. It was also amazing to see so many PSU couples dancing pre-champ and getting called back! I was especially proud of Yining Cherry Wang dancing prechamp with Ryan Bisbey. And Jim and Steph coming first overall standard. And Dan and Mel. And and and...

-The weather and sunshine.

-Singing "Thy Mercy" as I walked to the competition Saturday morning.

-"Chic Music" with Katy Babbs after we kicked Pat out of the drivers seat.

-"Tall Kyle" putting up with me as a dance partner. Naturals through the entire vwaltz. His fumble in samba because a girl smiled at him.

-The Laura Keister Pizza Adventure. This is just a fancy name for the length of time it took to get a group of dancers from MIT to Laura's apartment to deciding where we were going to eat, to undeciding, to picking up pizza, to eating it ravenously. "So if each guy eats half of a large pizza..." Fun laughter and conversation. Estimated time: 2 hours.

-Zack Al Balushi giving me a real hug. It's taken years for this to happen. But it happened. He didn't give me the arm drape hug!

-General dances! No words for the joy and delight that a good general dance can bring. I'm still crushed that I missed the hustle and 3 person salsa fun dances. However, I did make it for a solid twenty minutes of general dancing between champ latin rounds. The silliness and joy that goes down during social dancing is a gift. Highlights from this highlight: leading Zack in a paso and Seth yelling at me for backleading; Salsa!; the promised foxtrot from Alex Wilson which involved making things up; leading Mel in a chaotic polka.

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