Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How I Learned to West Coast

1) By kind of liking the spirit of latin but being bad at any and all of the technique.
2) Social dancing with Robbie Fraleigh.

Hence this showcase.

But a disclaimer: if you actually know west coast, then please forgive us. We've never had any real training in it--other than youtube and obsessive re-watchings of Jordan and Tatiana showcases.

Watch the dance on youtube

I really loved working on this particular showcase. In many ways, it is exactly how I learned to west coast swing. I learned it first out of curiosity when Fraleigh offered a few lessons on campus. I had the hardest time keeping the timing right for a good long while. And as I started figuring out personality in dance (mostly by way of salsa) and started figuring out my troubles with latin, west coast swing just kept making sense. It was upbeat and dynamic. It used a lot of music I knew and enjoyed. I could mess with the music and my body and make things interesting. And by golly, I didn't have to keep straight knees or keep stopping and starting movement with my stupid hips!

I've wanted to do a wcs piece for a while. When James had to stop dancing at the end of last fall, Fraleigh comforted me by saying we would focus on becoming true westies.

Thanks, Robbie Fraleigh, for putting this together with me when you had another showcase and formation and grad school to worry about all at once! It was way too much fun. Way too much.

I think I've got this whole "dipping" thing down now too. :-)

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