Monday, April 16, 2012

Notes from Igor

A few times a semester, a ballroom professional comes to Penn State and teaches workshops. We're all supposed to take scrupulous notes and become perfect by the end of a few days. It doesn't happen. However, there are always a few moments that stand out to me and they usually have to do with someone's dance philosophy rather than with specific movement instructions. This paraphrase on work is from last week with Igor Litvinov, a extraordinary dancer and kind human being.

[hear this in a in a russian accent]

"When you become a professional dancer, it becomes hard to feel like you doing a good job. For great dancers, you can feel like you dance really well maybe once every three years. Those are the times when your energy and the competition and your partnership and the judges and everything just works. But those times you feel really great are very rare. This forces you to learn how to enjoy the process of becoming better rather than enjoying the high of feeling amazing. It means you learn how to feel good and confident about yourself even when you are tired or struggling because you enjoy the working."

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