Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Comes Dropping Slow / After the Students

"... for peace comes dropping slow."

I think of this line from Yeats as I walk around State College. Today is 24 hours after the last graduation and the population had settled down to a still trickle. The rain also kept some folks indoors. The hills have turned deep green.

There is a peace that settles in on the Valley in the first days after the semester is over. A relief. A sudden quiet nap. Breathing slow.

I took time and watched a duck watch a fountain. Watched the rain fall with the same interest one watches a camp fire. Let conversation pool and run like drops down a window, gathering and moving as it will, slowly and then quickly, and then slowly again.

Baking banana bread with a friend in her quiet kitchen, all the roommates gone. Peach and plum tea.

Seeing my sister go from a hesitant waltz to a winning newcomer waltz in a crash course lesson in Rm132.

Pizza and beer with Mel and planning all sorts of events that might never happen.

Marking up pages in "Wisdom and Wonder" by Kuyper in green pen.

The days are good like this. Work and focus and quiet and steady rain.

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