Monday, June 04, 2012

Did You Read...?

I picked up a book from the box. "Look!" I cried to my brother Mooney. "Look, it's 'Stewart Little'!" He nodded but clearly didn't know the story. "But it is such a good one!" If he wasn't older than me and clearly uninterested in my finds, I would have made him buy it for himself.

But I didn't. I heard a laugh beside me and I turned to see a young mom piling kids books in a large canvas bag. Her younger daughter, bright blond hair and pink hoody, was exploring under the tables during the search.

"That is a good one," she agreed. "I keep finding treasures here. 'A Wrinkle in Time' and a bunch of others!"

I made an appreciative gasp. You can't really go wrong with Madeleine L'Engle. I asked what else she had found and she listed some others.

Then I found "Lyddie" by Katherine Paterson. The mom didn't know the author right away until I mentioned "Bridge to Terabinthia". "My girls are just getting old enough for me to do read alouds. And I'm loving it!" She added the book to her pile.

A morning well spent.

What books did you read or were read to you as a child? Picture books? Chapter books? What were your favorites?

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Jade P. said...

The Phantom Tollbooth. #LOVEDit and the entire series of Chronicles of Narnia. Those books swept me away!