Sunday, January 06, 2013

Reflections on Blogging

The New Year is supposed to be a time of reflection.

Supposed? I don't quite know where the supposed-to comes from.

A friend called the night I first got back to SC from Christmas Holidays, the first of the year. I was in the nearby "ghetto grocery" (its a known fact that drug deals take place there) to get a frozen pizza to sustain me until daylight when I had time and energy to get a full cart of food. He mocked me mercilessly for buying a frozen pizza and asked what I did for New Years, noting that he isn't much of a New Years kind of guy. "It's just another day." It is. But it gives me the excuse to spend hours doing what I do to an excessive amount on any given day: think much too deeply and long on my own life, its ups and downs and twists and turns.

One thing I concluded is that I need to be more faithful about blogging. All posting screeched to a halt around mid-November because I didn't want to proceed without some clearer thoughts on the matter. What I realize now is that after eight years of blogging (longer if you count the xanga days of early high school when I did on the sly against parental prohibition), I don't know what a blog is supposed to be. Is it for my adventures? Adventures around a theme like the ever magnificent smittenkitten recipes or DV recounting her med student/phd adventures? Is it a series of semi-final essays? Is it painting a series of scenes and settings for you to experience my thoughts within? What would keep me at it for 3xs a week as I would like to do?

Or a profoundly different question: what do I want it to be?

I think the answer lies in the middle space of several loves: art, faith, the everyday.

I suppose digging through why those things entrance me to the most subconscious level is worth parsing out a little more directly. So, if no one is opposed, I'll be tackling head on some topics surrounding these subjects. Maybe I'll begin with a look at why I love interdiscplinary studies, the apparently contradictory fields of knowledge and study that exist in interdependence. But that can be dealt with later.

For now, I'm looking at the coming year with a solid measure of excitement and fear, anticipation and dread. I'm battling the tail end of a cold (I hope its the tail end) with more tea than my body should really be able to handle. And the album "Bright Morning Stars" by the Wailin' Jennys is making me weep. I just sent an email to Ed, a friend/mentor who lives in Ohio that I met in Bulgaria, saying that I'll be joining him to direct an ESL camp in Elena, Bulgaria this summer. I got my nose pierced. Baked cookies for a friend's upcoming bridal shower. Things change. Though, today, the setting is still and unmoved. I'm still in SC. I'm still working at Calvary Church. My students get back tomorrow.

And we're off. Hello 2013.


Alexander Brazie said...

A Blog is a tool to serve whatever you need it to be.

It takes the form of will that you express upon it.

Do you wish it to be a tool for others... or a tool for yourself?

Only you can decide whom it needs to serve.

Annie said...

i see my blog as a place of ministry, a place to serve, a place to build community. but i also see it as a place for me, a place for me to write and be heard, a place to explore and consider things i've learned and am thinking over. depending on the season, it can be more of one or the other.

i love your writing, so whatever form your blog takes, i'll be excited to hear from you!

Hannah said...

I think it's a great idea to think about why things entrance you, especially things like art, faith, and everyday life that just keep entrancing you at the deepest level. Looking forward to hearing about it!

dolce vita said...

It's so people will understand you.