Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The CommonPlace, 115 S Fraser Street

I love places. I love buildings and rooms. I love what they do to human interaction. I love how a space is made can affect what happens inside its walls and what kind of relationships are developed there.

I love unexpected cross overs in places. The barn used for weddings. The bar used for salsa dancing. The old house used as art studios.

Or the storefront cover for drug deals turned into a cultural hub.

That's right.

Calvary Church is taking the old Dragon Chaser store space and turning it into something unexpected. It will be a place of apparently contradictory things existing together: town and gown, arts and worship, community and leaders, event space and creative space, an art gallery and a dance floor.

It's called the CommonPlace. 115 S Fraser Street.

CommonPlace will be a gathering space for the community that will provide (among other things) a place for people to meet, work, read, think, and just be – basically for free. 

It is a lot of things. And it's beautiful. An exposed brick wall. Track lighting. Wood floors. Local artists on display.

And it's almost finished being renovated. I'll be announcing the Opening Night very soon (I'm coordinating the gig!) and some of the workshops I'll be organizing. But for now, we need some things to make it happen.

The Ask:
We still need: 

  • Cool interesting, antique, hip, funky furnishings i.e. tables (cafĂ© type), chairs, couches, stuffed chairs, Persian rugs, floor lamps, and “stuff” in good condition that you would be so kind as to donate.
  • Antique style real wooden furniture (chairs and tables, etc) we have some gifted craftsmen who could turn those into projects for CommonPlace.
  • Donate some ca$h to the process.
Email Ken Hull at

The design team making decisions on colors and flooring.


Rachel Ogden said...

Thanks for sharing Dana. I just heard about this the other day from a friend. SO EXCITING!! Inquiring minds want to know... would this be a space that could be reserved for special events? Or would it be more a space to randomly chill?
Also, I have some stuff that I would be interested in donating. :)

Dana M. Ray said...

BOTH. It will be rentable for special events and will be open for public use during most days.

And email Ken!

Tim said...