Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Indiegogo Campaign: The CommonPlace Commonplace Book

First, see the project video here.

This has been a while in the making. It started last April when Steve suggested I do a crowd sourced funding project to fund an arts project I wanted to do as part of my job. I wanted to get people together and make stuff.

Some beautiful things happened.

The first is that I got connected with Jon Noll who wanted to add to his film portfolio. The second is that I called up a bunch of friends who make stuff and got them to let us come around and video them doing their thing. It was a ridiculous amount of fun. They were talented and lively and wanted to hear about the project, and even more importantly, share the love of the things they were making.

It was a beautiful time. We took pictures. We took film. We made the video. Well... Jon made the video. He's good with that kind of thing. I talked and wrote the script.

Then. The door jam happened.

I was all set to go with Kickstarter. I was just waiting for a week to get the bank account things sorted out. But it kept not going through. I emailed and called Amazon Payments for months. I got to the point that I had even given up on getting this project off the ground.


Cue Steve again. He's my boss and very strategic and takes risks and likes to try things. The bigger the try, the better with him. He wasn't satisfied for me to write the whole project off. Nope. It was going to happen. He gave me a week to get it switched to Indiegogo and get the thing rolling.

I did. It's rolling.

Let's be honest: I'm scared. $6000 in 30 days.

Well... 29 days. We started yesterday morning.

The CommonPlace (115 S Fraser St) nearing completion.
That's a task and a half. My request? Share the project! Considering giving to it yourself. This is something I am so excited about making happen. I'm excited about arts in State College. I'm excited about a book of collected State College and Penn State artists. I'm excited about partnering with Calvary Church to make it happen. I'm excited about this beautiful space being finished to act as a conduit and canvas for these beautiful things to happen. I'm just thrilled. And I want you to be thrilled with me!

If you know me, imagine this entire post was accompanied by the intense waving of hands. I mean it. This thing is dear to me and I can't wait to see this community come out of the ground!

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