Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's February, People

Check out this project to give some cheery summer green hope to the February blues.

Thinking about seasons.

About how life shifts according to different activities and focuses and ways of life.

As far as seasons go, I may just dislike February the most.

No one is happy in February. It's cold and grey unless you're somewhere near or below the equator. It's short and cramped. I mean, who thought it was a kindness to give the month two less days than anyone elses? It's full of work with no clear, tangible result. It's work work work but nothing changes.

Except that it has. The days are starting to change. I leave dance class at 5 and the sun is still not fully below the horizon. I'm working and there aren't visible changes yet but spring is already on the move, the center of the earth has shifted its axis and the northern hemisphere is slowly pulling back towards the sun.

Patience is needed. And a vivid memory of summer's heat.

My excuse for everything that feels wrong about my life: "It's February, people."

What else can you expect?

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Caleb Rebarchak said...

I think people with birthdays in February might like February, at least a little bit... At least, I do. :) (But, a little sun would be fantastic, I completely agree)