Monday, July 15, 2013

i almost made it out of state college...

I packed yesterday. Mostly. There were boxes and there was stuff and with Fraleigh's help, the mission was accomplished before I was hijacked by a nap.

My car wouldn't start. It went into the shop.

Today, there was church and my dad came with his truck and my brother. We pulled boxes onto the street corner and furniture I've lugged around for years that I'm leaving to the State College street corner free long. Melanie came to say goodbye. Robbie Fraleigh did most of the heavy lifting.

Then the truck was loaded and the car and my room was empty and swept.

I loitered. In the living room. Then back at Fraleigh's apartment with Hannah. There was Parenthood (our recent netflix favorite). There were strawberry smoothies. And a nap.

The sun was full into setting so I pulled myself into the car to head to Hershey. My last hours. As I pulled out, the sun was setting behind me. A reverse "driving into the sunset". I said a prayer for this valley, for the green hills, for the water, for the people who come here, that they would know beauty and good things as I knew them here. I said goodbye.

Then. Oh then. I hit stand-still arts fest traffic. Stand-still.

Turned around. Came back. Here for another night.

I was so close. Is this a conspiracy?

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