Friday, July 19, 2013

Packing, Philosophy of

You find out pretty fast what you actually value, what you've told yourself you cannot live without. And some things hit the trash pile that don't make obvious sense to you. Wait, I'm really saying I can live without the off the shoulder black sweater I always wear? Peanut butter? 10 books of poetry?

And the things I've brought. You'll need help to really make these decisions. RF sat in my bedroom floor and conducted a series of cuts. I put out everything I wanted to bring for summer, then winter, then my apartment. With each, he gave me a list: "Only 2 skirts, 4 dresses, and at least 4 of those 6 items has to work in winter." Okay. Anything that didn't fit had to go. My favorite black dress that looks great with pearls. Any heels. Snow boots. All old journals. At the end of it, even cut some of the empty journals I had packed.

Things I can't do without. Computer. Iphone. Journal. Pens. Soularium cards. Hand mixer. Immersion blender. Pink blanket with silk edges. Everyone needs a few things to make an apartment a home. Some of that. Some of this. A few dresses that work with leggings. Only one winter coat.

It shows how much of a consumer I am. You know: consumer that we all rail against. It was emotionally difficult to leave things out. I want to bring everything. If I could, I would.

But I couldn't. So I didn't. And it hurt. I cried a bit. Maybe packing is this declaration of don't belong here, get going kind of thoughts.

How do you shape a philosophy of packing? Know when the crunch happens what objects have the come? The aesthetic, the utilitarian, the whimsical? All three in some form?

What does it even mean to have a healthy relationship with having stuff?

And why am I chronically embarrassed about packing too much even when, in this case, I totally didn't?

Perhaps this would be clearer if I could compare with other packing jobs. See what they would have taken in my place with a 50lb weight limit on the large suitcase I was trying to meet.

12 Months: 1 large, 1 small, 1 day pack.

What would you not do without? But you can't really know until you do it. There were things I thought I'd have with me that didn't make it when the weight issue came into play!

This internet gem made it possible:
What's in My Suitecase by Mr.&Mrs.Globetrot

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