Friday, July 19, 2013

Walking It Off

I've done a lot of walking the last day. Ralph said tonight that it is the best medicine for jet lag that he knows of. Sleep a little. Walk a lot. Repeat until your body rights itself to the new sun patterns and eating schedules.

Travel does funny things to you. You get into this place where things blur together and stand out and speed up and slow down. You throw a mini celebration when you poop for the first time since you started traveling. And sleep. It grips you mercilessly when its so not time and it runs away.

I woke up today with my hand on the cover of a book I was lifting to start reading. It didn't get read.

I took a walk with Bonnie to the "ministry of culture". And then to a mall that had a mini wegman's like grocery in the basement. I took a walk to a park near the national theatre. I read a book on Orthodoxy and listened to the fountain and listened to a small brass band play swing. I made awkward eye contact with strangers that I didn't mean to make and was told I could pass as Bulgarian... until I open my mouth, that is. I tried to pay for bug spray with a euro. It didn't work.

The evening walk after dinner was the best. Sunset into dusk. The cathedral getting direct sunlight down a long boulevard. The police had the parliament building blocked off from protesters. They stood on the monuments blowing whistles or riding their bikes up and down pedestrian roads waving flags. It was very quiet.

There was a tea shop with herbal teas and a hipster menu open till 11. In Sofia, Bulgaria. Who knew?

This is probably the sleepiest I will get while posting. Time to take that next sleep before the next walk towards being on a new time.

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Jade Perry said...

:) Thanks for posting even in the midst of your jet-lag. :) Hope everything falls into place soon! Miss you already