Thursday, October 03, 2013

Weddings in Bulgaria

The other day, I was working on decorating my hallway. I heard horns blaring. I thought, "Oh, someone's getting married!" Here, the wedding party drives from the legal office where they sign the wedding papers to the church in a line (kind of like a funeral back in the states?). Everyone BLASTS music and their horns. The bride and groom are in the first car. I heard the horns getting nearer. Then they stopped and live music started. Since I'm on the top floor, I knew I could see them from the roof. I ran up the stairs to the roof, looked down, and watched this dancing scene unfold. The wedding party danced to the live music (musicians are the far left, holding a white set of bag pipes and a black accordian). The wedding vehicle had white material tied to it. I watched from my bird's perch and cheered when they finished.

Congrats, neighbor!

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