Thursday, October 03, 2013

Without Internet, Teaching Continues

True to the pattern so far, my biggest emotional crises come when the internet goes.

Am I addicted? That's a question for another post.

Mostly, I think its a control issue. I'm struggling to structure my life, to feel like I have things ready when they need to be... and yet I have huge swaths of empty time. Structuring that empty time is stressful. I have several "side projects" that I'm working on personally. Large novels I've never read (another post for another time), GRE studying, essay projects, trying to find people to invest in...

All that to say, it brings into question each small function of my insides. Why is THAT there? When did I start doing ()? How come I can't ___?

Today, however, such questions are laid to rest for a few minutes as I teach my kids something from American culture:

The Cupid Shuffle.

I came all this way to teach the Cupid Shuffle? Yes. Yes I did.


And for my Elements crew: #YOLF

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Ed Cox said...

What's the Cupid Shuffle?