Sunday, March 09, 2014

#100HappyDays #HappyDobrich

 My friend Sam posted the link to 100HappyDays. I read it and thought, "Why not?" The idea is to take and post a picture of something that makes you happy everyday for 100 days. The organizers claim that you are more likely to be consistently happy and more likely to fall in love and other such beautiful cataclysms.

I wasn't going to. But then I found I rather need a reminder to be happy each day. Happy. Grateful. Something like that.

It isn't about boasting. Honestly, fb tends to depress me. I want to use it to connect with home but the result, after my mind numbs over with images and words, is depressing.

My life is not that exciting right now. It's very much a normal life.

So what is #100HappyDays then?

I invited my classes to do it with me. Some of my 8th graders are showing up on my twitter feed now. It's fun to see what has made them happy each day.

I'm paying more attention myself. I'm looking throughout the day, wondering what it will be today. Sometimes I'm pretty sure I know ahead of time. Sometimes it's new. I have a rule for myself that the pictures, as much as possible, need to be externally focused. I can't just take a picture of something I always like (such as my blankets) but need to be a new bit of happiness that comes about living my everyday life here in Bulgaria.

The paying attention means a diffused expectation that I will be happy at some point in the day. I love it. I tend to be rather gloomy about future prospects, especially in early March fog.

This should take me until the beginning of June, not long before the school year is over. Already the project has resulted in some lovely finds, most of them including students in some way. Attending basketball tournaments or visiting an elderly home or a folk dance party or a debate team meeting: my life continues to find its way into various Dobrich homes and places. I like that. I also like that I now can't take a walk through the center or the park without seeing someone I know. That's a sign of settling in for me.

I'll take it.

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