Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hannah in Bulgaria

My sister Hannah had a birthday on April 7th. The week prior, she came to visit me! She's the only other Ray to set foot in Bulgaria. It meant a lot to be able to show her around and go exploring at places I've been putting off just to share with her!

Hannah has always been a strange cross between younger and older sister. Maybe a twin is close to it. We are opposites in every way, see so many issues differently, deal with stress and failure and friendships differently: and we're tight. I don't have anyone I fight with more and I have no one who has my back the way she does.

Our trip included some awesome and not so awesome times. Here are the top ten memorable moments:

Mt Vitosha
This mountain overlooks Sofia. I'd always wanted to go up near the summit. So we took a gondola and went! Best moment: getting off the gondola at the WRONG TIME and having to get back on.

Alexander Nevsky
 See previous post

Dinner at Made in Home Restaurant. Food Glorious Food. We talked about it for days.

Narnia in Bulgaria (aka Veliko Tarnovo, fortress)
Cair Paravel, anyone? Just without the sea nearby.
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Long talks, Long walks
We spent a lot of our free time walking around the various towns we were in. Lots of conversations, memories, stories.

Buzludzha / Birthday Present
Birthday present trip to the coolest abandoned building in the world? Yes.

The hole we climbed through

Grey's Anatomy
 What is sister time without some trashy tv? I'd never seen this TV classic so we launched into season 1. I spent most of the time with my head under the blankets. Scared of blood. How am I a nurse's daughter?

Bus ride from Hell
 What's life without a little story? Our 6 hour trip in a minibus from Gabrovo to Varna was the worst. A kid threw up 9 times. The driver chain smoked. We were not happy.

The last picture we thought we'd take for posterity

Clear labels that say not to smoke
Being together when we heard about G-Dad
It meant a lot to have her there when we heard about G-Dad's death. Having family there was the best.

Knowing Good Bye Isn't Forever
But it's still really, really, sad.

Miss you, Hannah! Thank you for coming all this way!

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