Monday, April 14, 2014

In Favor of Mornings

Wednesdays and Thursdays, I am at school by 7:30. The other days, I try to get up as if I were going to be at school then, just so I can be okay on the mornings I have to be. My students have started to say that I'm remarkably awake at 7:30am. I am faking it. If they looked closely, they would see that my left leg warmer was on inside out and that my hair is in a pony tail because I didn't wash it yesterday. Or the day before. Or this morning. That I depend on my morning tea and sometimes skip brushing my teeth in favor of the slow warm mug (don't worry, I fix it all with a piece of orbit mint gum).

I've been finding that the old sayings of the morning people are true. There is a freshness to the early start that I've never known before, groggy with late hours and work completed late. My brain does work better--scattered, spastic, but better. It jumps and creeks like a train picking up speed but at least its moving, hissing along, findings its pace.

And the light. I didn't know the light was so glorious in the early morning. The dark winter mornings are the hardest, like walking through midnight to teach. But the mornings where I head towards the kitchen for tea and think, "Did I leave the light on last night?" but no, it is the morning sun bursting through my 7th floor east facing kitchen window. The whole room is on fire. I pull my mat into the kitchen for stretches and music before I eat. When the blood has to move right away, I move and wake up with it.

Then, I'm able to walk to school with a happiness I never expect. It's okay. It's morning. It's okay.


Kelly said...

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

dolce vita said...

I remember when my sister visited and I brought her to school at 7:30 AM. Since she's not a morning person, she came off as 'shy and timid'.

I love mornings and absolutely fade by 5 PM. That's more acceptable in med school than the opposite though...