Wednesday, May 28, 2014

When The Guest Leaves...

... I wake up from sounds I was once used to, the creak of a door stop, the crackle of a taped picture coming loose from the wall.

... mornings are a one cup of tea affair.

... I eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, forgoing the elaborate meals that seemed so necessary a few days before.

... there is more water, less wine.

... the kitchen looks the same each time I enter it.

... more homework is graded.

... brainstorming stops being brainstorming and becomes a "To Do" list.

... writing is a sign of isolation instead of self-chosen creative time.

... I skip thinking.

... feels like I am forgetting something.

... or that something moved when I wasn't looking. 

... it's a lot lonelier.

... I wish they'd come back.

... I remember: I'm not meant to live alone.

This post is in honor of the several visitors who have come to see me this year. Each have brought a piece of joy and life into my living space and Dobrich home. Thank you for coming, especially those who came from the United States. I felt very loved.

Melanie Kammerer, Hannah Ray, Erika Sanders, Sarah+Hannah+Michael, Robbie.

Special thanks to Robbie who came twice, most recently during May.

My prom date who had to catch a bus instead.

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