Thursday, June 19, 2014

100 Happy Days Recap

Last Friday was my final 100 Happy Days.  Above is my final picture: Power Poses and Giggles at the final Speech and Debate team party. Life with those kids was priceless. I didn't even know some of these kids before February!

The goal of the project was to find and celebrate a new thing each day. Remember the joyful moments and share them with others. It was not a tally of successes or failures. It was a tally of the small gifts.

I decided to post a few of my favorite pictures from the project here. I think some themes develop about the spaces I find most life giving.

The Project started at the beginning of 2nd Term when I met these crazy kids!

I like my laundry done. And I like blue skies.

Mornings are new to me this year. I find them more than a long suffering torture: I find them beautiful.

Gifts from Students of Bulgarian Dishes

Easter. People I love, good food, Resurrected God.

Birthday! It was awesome to have people to celebrate with me in Sofia, a city I had no idea I would come to love.

Tea is always better for Two.

Letters. One of the great joys of my year! I obviously have Writer Friends.

Newness. Cutting All my hair was liberating.

Unexpected time with a poet I admire.

Quiet evenings, sunsets, Bulgarian wine. I will miss this.

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