Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dana's Chocolate Chip Cookies

A significant part of my years was baking cookies. I made them often. They were my "American Treat" for students and at parties and a claim to fame. I even got a superlative as the "Next Betty Crocker" from my Fulbright friends!

Last week, for a Bulgarian lesson, I had to learn the vocabulary to teach someone how to make the cookies in Bulgarian! It was a really fun and hands on way for my thick head to get some new words.

I'm sharing the recipe here for all my Bulgarian Friends who want to learn how it's done! Gotta leave a legacy!

·      352 grams of flour / 2.75 cups
·      1 tea spoon baking soda
·      1 tea spoon of salt
·      250 grams butter. Slightly melted. / 2 sticks
·      100 grams of sugar / .75 cups
·      100 grams of brown sugar /.75 cups
·      2 eggs
·      1 tsp of vanilla (optional)
·      Chocolate bar broken into pieces. / 1-2 cups of chocolate chips

1.     Mix dry ingredients in a separate bowl.
2.     Melt butter. (Add bar of extra dark chocolate and melt with butter if you want chocolate cookies)
3.     In second, large mixing bowl, add the regular sugar and butter. Beat until fluffy.
4.     Add brown sugar. Beat until fluffy. Crystalized Honey works as a substitute (same amount).
5.     Add 1 egg. Beat. Add 2nd egg. Beat.
6.     Slowly pour in dry ingredients while mixing the batter.
Place in oven for ~15 minutes at 170 C and 325 F.

They are done once the edges have started to turn golden brown!

1.     Add a cup of muesli or oats to the batter to make oatmeal cookies!
2.     Add 3 large spoon-fulls of cocoa powder to the dry ingredients. Add 3 large spoon-fulls of nutella to the wet batter (before you add the flour) to make them chocolate-chocolate cookies! [This one is my favorite! Take out of the oven a little sooner so you don’t burn the chocolate!]

на български

·      352g бяло брашно
·      1 tsp сода бикарбонат
·      1 tsp сол
·      250 Масло. размеквам
·      100 бяла захар
·      100 кафиава захар или мед
·      2 e яйца
·      1 tsp ванилиa
·      един шоколад

1.     смесете сухите съставки в купа
2.     Смесете маслото със захарта до гладка.
3.     Смесете кафява захар.
4.     Смесва яйца.
5.     Слагаш брашно в купата.
6.     разпръснати в тава

175C, 15 минъти.

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