Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last from Abroad

13 hours till the USA. 

1 year. 9 days. 

Nine countries. Uncountable Bulgarian towns. 

An upswing in my social media popularity that I expect to disappear immediately upon arrival home. 

A new language in a new alphabet. 

175 students. A plethora of Slavic names. 

Explaining again and again how to say my first name and settling for something like deena or Dawna. 

Getting lost. Getting unlost. 

Shopska, French fries, white cheese, kamenitza. 

A flood. Two earthquakes. 

4 visits from home. 

A GRE exam. An acceptance to graduate school. 

Friendships that acted like family. 

And some that didn't. 

It will take me fewer hours to get to the USA than it took me to get from Bulgaria to Croatia. 

My first holidays away from my family. 

My first holidays in Bulgarian. 

Homemade coconut curry accompanied by a movie. Lots of movies and tv shows. 

Salsa dancing. Only dance I'm still any good at by this point. 

Folk dancing. 

Red wine. 

Speech and debate. Night trains. 

Ciao This Life. 

Chapter concluded. 

Long term narrative effect: to be decided. 

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