Thursday, July 17, 2014

One Year

A year ago, I got on a plane in the Washington Dulles airport and flew to Bulgaria.

A year ago, a saw the last of Maggie Pre Babies. A year ago, I had lunch at the French Embassy with Natalie and Robbie. A year ago, I visited the Bulgarian consulate and got my visa.

Today, I spent the morning in my pjs writing. I spent time in McDonalds to use the internet. I saw writer friends in Prague 4, a 30 minute tram trip from my apartment in Prague 1. Today, I will have dinner with two fantastic peer writers and Patricia Hampl. Today, it is going to rain and cut the sticky heat with a sharp knife of lightening, like the kitchen knife Robbie gave me as a going away present, one I used almost everyday.

In nine days, I get to return to the United States and see my family and friends. I've missed it in one way or another each day for the last year. Soon. So soon.

Thanks, Europe, for the year.

Special Shout Out to Bulgaria (duh), Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Turkey, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.

I'm ready for those Pennsylvania slow summer sunsets. Any day now. Any day.

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