Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Elegant Protest: Pillows, Mattresses, Art

Yesterday, Bucknell had a protest in solidarity. I heard about it from the Writing Center Folks. So I pulled out my pillow and carried it too.

It started at Columbia. A senior named Emma began carrying her mattress by herself to all her activities on campus. She was raped in her sophomore year. The perpetrator was still on campus and the legal system had failed her.

She decided to make art. Hear her talk about it at Carry That Weight.

Students began helping her carry it. And the word spread. Bucknell students showed their support by carrying pillows with them to all of their activities.

I've been following the story since it first appeared online. I value what art can do and say. Emma made what I can only describe as an Elegant Protest.

Grateful to have the opportunity to protest on behalf of the women I have known and loved and cried for who have been through this.

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