Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Making Stuff Happen

One of the activities that gets me most giddy is event planning.

Okay, not exactly.

I don't mean I like planning ornate themed parties or that kind of thing. What I love is the chance to design a new kind of experience, something new in the world.

This winter break, I had the chance to work with two fantastic people in planning a "dance retreat". For some of you out there, the idea of a "retreat" is no new idea. But in the dance world, it doesn't happen. What we're putting together is an April weekend focused on beginner dancers in a style called west coast swing.

It's our stab at creating a dance culture that values what happens between people as much as it values what people achieve technically or competitively.

I couldn't be more excited and proud of what is happening.

When I can be "in" on a change like this, on making something that will matter, I think, "This is it. This is the kind of stuff I want to be doing".

Even if this weekend is not the change that my planning team is looking for, working on it changed the game for all of us. It opened up connections and relationships for our small group and that in itself is meaningful. It also changed how we think of our futures and what kinds of things we want to spend our time making from our careers. Partnerships-- business and dance and friendship--have been born.

So save the date for April 17-19 and join us!

 "Camp Westie" details are coming soon!

Heaven be Praised, just LOOK at that floor!


Nellie SC said...

For beginners?

I could totally attend!

Dana M. Ray said...

Yes, for beginners. We're assuming the folks there will know the basic steps but everything else will be entry level in our goals!