Thursday, January 15, 2015

Podcasts: My New Best Friend

Actually, they've been my new best friend since August 26th, 2014. Yes, I remember the date well well. It was my first drive to Bucknell.

Explanation: I live 1 hr 15 min away from the school I attend. This life choice was based on several important factors but I won't go into that now. The important detail for you to know is that I spend around 4 hours of my week in the car traversing the rural Pennsylvania Route 45 or 192 between my residence and Lewisburg, PA.

All in all, it isn't a bad drive but it gets repetitive:
Barn, buggy, field, repeat.

The radio is repetitive too. A girl can only take so much Bro Country before she wants to punch the singer whining on  about painted on jeans and tan legs. (I haven't shaved my legs since November. I'm winning Winter)

And this is where podcasts come in. Podcasts and that Heavenly Sent National Public Radio.

Thank you, tax payers everywhere.

Now, to be honest, Podcasts and I were friends before. There was nothing I loved better than cooking to This American Life in my little Dobrich kitchen last year. I titled my journal This Bulgarian Life in imitation. It kept me alive during long bus rides. I love narrative storytelling, reaching way back to my childhood of Adventures in Odyssey and Radio Theater's The Chronicles of Narnia. Audio storytelling just might be a favorite genre.

But the commute has confirmed that I am an all out junkie.

Some of my favorites in no particular order:

  • Radio Lab A fun and dynamic run with Curiosity.
  • Start Up One man's awkward and endearing foray into his (remarkably successful) start up.
  • Serial I grew up wanting to be Nancy Drew. This is True Crime + Mystery + Audio Storytelling. All told by a State College native. (Get it, Sarah!)
  • This American Life Classic. As good as it gets.
  • Fresh Air Interviews expertly done with fascinating people.
What else is out there? Let me know!

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Tingle, M. D. said...

I too am a total podcast junkie. Try "Freakonomics" for an interesting take on a lot of things. Also "The Moth Podcast" for unique, personal stories told on stage. There is one more that's a little hard to describe, but is great for short trips in town. It's called "The Memory Palace" by Nate DiMeo. He takes historical events and builds a compelling narrative. I love his style. Have fun!