Monday, February 16, 2015

Dana's Faves: Work Essentials

I'm stealing the form of this post from the Formidable Jade Perry over at Check out her post here.

Everyone has their thing for what makes work go right. I have mine. Some of these are unique to me and some of them I've learned from other great creatives along the way. What are you essentials to making your day go?

1. Red matte Teavana tea travel mug

I need my tea. And if life is on-the-go (which it is at least two days of the week when I head to Bucknell for classes), then I need my tea-to-go. This mug doesn't spill or drip and lets me make a good cup of loose leaf earl grey. Thank you, Teavana.

2. Pilot G-2 .38 pens

Just thin enough. Always smooth enough.

3. Dangly Earrings

This started sometime in my first year of ballroom dancing. I figured out that if I was wearing something that made me feel more elegant, I danced with greater poise. Carry that over to the rest of my life: it may be a sweatpants, sweatshirt at the kitchen table kind of work day, but I'll be wearing the earrings, thank you.

I don't wear rhinestones in normal life
4. Sticky notes (or the electronic equivalent of those in Wunderlist or Trello)

I need movable idea spaces. Options to rearrange and reconceive concepts. Give me my sticky notes anyway! But I lose things like sticky notes so apps like Wunderlist and Trello are my go-to idea holders. But for big outlining? Always the sticky notes.

5. Apple Computer Keyboards

Some wax vintage eloquent about typewriters. I'm in love with the gentle thud and click of apple computer keyboards. Is it worth the extra cost of the computer? Maybe not. But my hands and ears love the process of writing on this machine. No, I don't write poem first drafts by hand but by the type and click of my fingers.

6. Moleskin unlined notebooks

I don't like the bossiness of lined paper. I want to make my own pictures on the page. Let me have some elbow room! That's why my favorite moleskins are the big ones, the sketch pads. Love 'em.

7. Movin' It

Sitting all day kills my heart. A good dance practice or a walk or pilates by myself in my room makes the difference.

A walk in Bulgaria

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