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Welcome. Need was started in October 2010, the second incarnation of my online presence. In reality, I've been blogging in some form since 2005 (not including xanga days). I love the process of collecting and arranging words for my small audience. It's a different genre altogether from what I have done in the classroom and what I do in my other writing.

Bulgaria 2013-2014
Starting in July 2013, posts are from my time as Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Bulgaria. I attempt to explore the new ideas and world views that are loosed upon my life. For those of you who have spent time in countries other than your own, my insights may seem naive and childlike. Yes. They are. This is my first extended period of time outside of my home in the United States. What you see are the first experiences, the quiet and loud "aha!"s that may seem obvious. Forgive me. Give me grace.

  • Currently Reading keeps tabs on what books are currently speaking into my life in great or small amounts. This changes and is not recorded. Look there to see what is feeding current posts.
  • Current Loves is a way for me to celebrate the small and beautiful gifts. They range from food to events to locations to people and beyond. Celebrate with me. Think of your own.

  • Blog Archive. Self-explanatory.
  • Fulbright Bloggers. This is a temporary, one year column. Many other Bulgaria Fulbrighters are starting or maintaining blogs about their experiences. If you wander onto Need looking for such international stories, check them out! My colleagues are scattered across the country and have insight and depth far beyond my own.
  • Places I Love gives you links to organizations and causes that have profoundly encouraged me
  • Popular posts: I find this such a strange thing. Why some posts become beloved, I will never understand.
  • Caveat:  Where I make sure you know that I don't actually represent the US State Department and they don't endorse my words.

Caveat Repeated:
This site (Need, is not an official Fulbright Program site. The views expressed on this site are entirely those of its author and do not represent the views of the Fubright Program, the U.S. Department of State or any of its partner organizations.

Thank you for your presence. Thank you for the gift of your time.

With Love,

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